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The Brighten and Protect Treatment

The Brighten and Protect Treatment The Brighten and Protect Treatment
The Brighten and Protect Treatment The Brighten and Protect Treatment
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The Brighten and Protect Treatment
Product Code: The Brighten and Protect Treatment
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Our new Brighten and Protect Treatment has been created to brighten your complexion, boost collagen and elastin and protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays.

BRIGHTEN: SkinPep® Super C15 Serum is clinically proven to boost collagen and elstin and inhibit melanin producing cells, help to repair age spots, brown spots & photo (sun) damage. It also provides 8-times the skin's natural photo aging protection and a 96% reduction of sunburn cells in UV irradiated skin, protection against UV induced erythema, free radical formation, and cellular damage that results in premature skin aging.

PROTECT: SkinPep® Hydra-Sun Defence SPF 30 Cream is an exceptionally high quality natural sunscreen day cream. It contains EU compliant non toxic, hypo-allergenic safe and effective mineral based sun UV blocking agents that unlike most other mineral based sunscreens will not leave a white chalky residue. Our advanced formulation will blend in with the colour of your natural skin tone to give the look of a high quality moisturising cream without the traditional look of a mineral SPF 30 full spectrum sunscreen.

We designed our Hydra-Sun Defence SPF 30 Cream to be used all year round, protecting you against UV rays even on cloudy days.


Apply 2-3 drops of the Super C15 to face and decolletage. Once absorbed, Super C15 cannot be washed or rubbed off. It remains effective for a minimum of 72 hours.

Next apply a small amount of Hydra Sun Defence SPF30 Cream to face and decolletage. Apply every 2 hours if exposed to direct sunlight

Please note: Hydra Sun Defence SPF30 can be applied over SkinPep® Collagen Renew Day Cream, our Wrinkle Clear and Eye Lift serums, as well as our SkinPep® Dark Circle Eraser Growth Factor Eye Cream. Hydra Sun Defence is also compatible with our Hydra-Boost Hyaluronic acidserum and C bright Booster.

SkinPep® Hydra-Sun Defence makes the perfect base for BB creams and foundations, applied under make up.

For best results apply this treatment straight after using our Revitalising Cleansing Foam and Revitalising Toner.

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