Makeup routineAs mentioned in our last post, makeup can cover up a multitude of skin concerns, but at the same time it can often be the cause of Acne Cosmetica. However, a good skin care / makeup routine could be the solution.

Morning Routine

  • Cleanse your skin with a gentle cleanser such as our Revitalising Cleansing Foam
  • Tone with an alcohol free toner like our Revitalising Toner (get the Revitalising Set here)
  • Apply a good mineral based SPF cream that doesn’t have harmful UV absorbing chemicals, or Hydra Sun SPF 30 is the perfect example of this (a little goes a long way).
  • Apply your foundation minimally yet flawlessly with our Auto Makeup Device

Evening Routine

  • Remove all traces of makeup with a gentle cleanser, our Revitalising Cleanser even removes eye makeup and won’t irritate your eyes in the process.
  • Follow up with a few squirts of toner on a cotton pad to remove any makeup residue
  • Finish off with a hydrating night cream containing antioxidants and growth factors such as our Collagen Renew Night Cream.

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