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Acne vulgaris (common acne) is a chronic skin condition that affects the sebaceous glands. Healthy sebaceous glands produce sebum that nurtures and protects the skin; when these sebaceous glands get blocked, sebum accumulates, this gets infected and the skin gets inflamed – this is Acne Vulgaris. Blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, greasy skin, and scarring are common traits.

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Ageing and hormones can cause the skin to be prone to acne due to sebaceous glands getting bigger and over producing sebum. The sebum produced in acne prone skin is low in omega oils, and vitamins A, D, and E. Adding these and lowering refined sugar in your diet can benefit this.

Once we are born, it is impossible to heal any injury without a scar. Healing is a process that starts with fibroblasts (skin cells) setting up the “scaffolding”. Even if all of the cells get replaced, if their scaffolding is uneven, the scar will remain.

The levels of collagen can lead to different scarring problems. If excessive collagen is set up, the scars raise; however if not enough collagen is layered, then a gap appears in the skin. These gaps are what cause the stretch marks.

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Luckily the scarring process can be guided; the use of Fibroblast Growth Factors, availability of amino acids, and vitamins can help produce a less noticeable scar. These can be applied in a serum or cream and rolled with a Micro Indentation roller to allow the growth factors to penetrate deeper through the lower levels of the skin; this activates the fibroblasts to start the process of dermal repair.

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Scarred skin needs to be peeled, to get rid of the dead skin barrier; this can be done with a gentle enzyme and acid peel to exfoliate the skin. The cell renewal rate needs to be boosted to keep skin clear and blackhead free. Using Retinol at night is a first class way to do this; it also diminishes the size of sebaceous glands and increases collagen production. This regulates sebum production to balance oily skin or to optimize sebum secretion in dry skin.

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Improve nutrient intake with collagen and omega 3 essential fatty acids by drinking a collagen drink daily. Vitamin C can be used to “photocopy” new cells and reduce oxygen damage; meaning it improves the tone and radiance of the skin and nurtures the development of healthy new replacement cells.

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