Collagen ReNu Pro Lift

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A World Class Rechargeable Electronic Multi-Functional Beauty Device with 3 detachable heads.

(1) Anti-Wrinkle & Collagen Boosting head: - Using galvanic technology it is perfect for treating fine lines & deep wrinkles, which are those that do not fade even when facial muscles are completely relaxed.

(2) Collagen Boosting & Muscle Toning Head: - Uses EMS to stimulate facial muscles & micro circulation: Can lift , rejuvenate & tone the skin & target tired puffy eyes.

(3) Lymphatic Draining & Serum Absorption roller heads: Use Iontophoresis infusion positive ion therapy for improved moisturisation & peptide application. Negative ion therapy for deep cleansing & improved blood circulation.​


Reviews (5)

Jacqueline 1st Mar 2017

Great product!

Love this it's just like the one they use in me when I get facials it even leaves the metallic taste in your mouth. If you don't know how to use it look on YouTube. Would not recommend for toning and tightening this is best for acne and bringing things to the surface. Now I won't have to spend 100.00 for a facial, but can do this at home in between to help my skin.

Mila 14th Feb 2017

Recharges, no batteries it actually does what they say it should

My husband pokes fun because of all the pretty beauty products and gadgets that come thru my door. What can I say, I'm an optimist. But every once in awhile I hit on something making it worth it, this product is one of them. Even I was skeptical and assumed I'd be sending it back. I used this for less than two weeks without telling hubby I'd gotten it and out of the blue he looks at me and says "Your skin looks really nice" BINGO! That's what I want to hear. I don't know anything about ions for skin care and just got this on a whim but I'll be darned it really does what it says. And ,this is weird, but while I'm using it it brings a metallic taste to my mouth like my fillings or something and even when doing my throat so it's doing something for real in there. I use it with my moisturizer and it lightly plumps lines and my skin stays that way too. A nice bonus on my lips too. They say to let the charge go down to zero before charging but I've been using it for a couple months and it's still fully charged. No buying batteries and because it is a charge you have full power until it dies. I love this thing and I'm the queen of sending stuff back. No sending back on this though :)

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