Collagen ReNu Pro Lift

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A World Class Rechargeable Electronic Multi-Functional Beauty Device with 3 detachable heads.

(1) Anti-Wrinkle & Collagen Boosting head: - Using galvanic technology it is perfect for treating fine lines & deep wrinkles, which are those that do not fade even when facial muscles are completely relaxed.

(2) Collagen Boosting & Muscle Toning Head: - Uses EMS to stimulate facial muscles & micro circulation: Can lift , rejuvenate & tone the skin & target tired puffy eyes.

(3) Lymphatic Draining & Serum Absorption roller heads: Use Iontophoresis infusion positive ion therapy for improved moisturisation & peptide application. Negative ion therapy for deep cleansing & improved blood circulation.​


Reviews (11)

Fluffon 31st Oct 2018

Does the trick

After reading the comments, I was afraid I won't be able to use it but once you read the instructions everything is clear... It turns out it is actually easy to use and effective. It is not a miracle worker, or at least I haven't used it long enough, but you can see immediate results

Millieon 11th Oct 2018

Face lift affect after 6 months

I will upload some images first chance I get. This machine has been amazing , been using now for 6 months and my skin is now tight and lifted. I have used other expensive machines before but none have achieved what this one has as a fraction of the cost of the most popular ones out there that cost over 400. I had a aesthetic nurse who thought I had cheek implants as my cheek bones are so high and lifted and that has been through using this machine, I was over the moon with her comments. I use each night and the whole routine takes me 15 minutes I normally do it while watching my soaps. The only downfall of this machine is the instructions they are not very clear so I based the technique and use of the nuface routine and its worked well for me. I actually cant believe how tight my face looks I am impressed as I normally spend a fortune on expensive machines but this time I went for a cheaper version and its paid off. Will keep using.

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