PAP - PEROXIDE FREE - Professional Teeth Whitening Kit

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LED Whitening for the treatment of:
Exogenous stains caused by smoke, tea, cola, and coffee
Endogenous stains caused by tetracycline pigmentation, dental fluorosis, teeth plaque or other unknown reasons

The Pep White professional teeth whitening treatment can effectively deal with many kinds of teeth discolouration, including tetracycline, dental fluorosis, and other types of dental stains and pigmentation.

Our cold light LED whitening technique will quickly whiten your teeth.  The whitening gel has good stability and is gentle to teeth and mucous membranes if used as directed. It is fast acting, safe, and easy to use; it also has a better whitening effect than other similar peroxide free treatments.

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  • Use the enclosed professional teeth shade guide to monitor your progress.
  • This professional teeth whitening kit is most efficient if treatments are done consecutively.
  • You may whiten your teeth for up to 12 consecutive days. Whitening treatment of over 2 times per day is not recommended.
  • Smoking, consuming food and beverages with dark colouring should be avoided during whitening period and two weeks after to maintain the best results.


Fast Whitening

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